my name is Attila Goral von Birkenhain.

I was Silkes’ first Hucul horse, the big star and therefore I am the one welcoming you on this Website. You can find out all about my Hucul family by clicking on the link Horses.

Here in Polling/Tyrol we are trained for various duties. What I like most is so called circus training – when doing this I can really show all my talents.

But my colleagues and I do not only like to “play”. We are very versatile horses, are sure-footed in the outdoors, very talented when doing show jumping and are very eager to learn new movements in dressage and driving.

13 Jahre Huzulenpferde

Anlässlich des Geburtstags von unserem ersten Huzulenhengst Attila Goral (15 Jahre) lassen wir die Zeit revue passieren.

Junghengstaufzucht für alle Rassen. Die Pferde werden auch über die Wintermonate im Offenstall gehalten.


Hucul Horses - Stallions


Thomas Falschlunger

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