Raising colts


After training our stallions ourselves and because we are very much into working with vivacious horses, we decided to install a farm for raising colts of all breeds.


During the winter months the horses are kept in an open stable. As soon as the weather is getting better in spring, the young, inexperienced colts are driven to the paddock with an experienced, older stallion.

The benefit for you is, that you can be close to your horse, watch it grow up and can participate actively in its upbringing!


During the first three years we train leading with bridles and if desired, we start with very easy “floor exercises”, everything taught in a playful way. After that there is the possibility to train the colt in dressage, jumping and driving.

We offer:

  • self gathered hay (twice daily in winter)

  • scattering of litter and mucking out the open stable daily - daily pasturing (depending on the weather)

  • fresh water from a drinking water pipeline or a creek - thoughtful upbringing of the young stallions

  • the possibility to grow up in a herd Hoof grooming, injections and other medication are not included.

But the horses get their Tetanus shots and are dewormed at the same time. All this will be charged separately.

We are not liable for injuries occurring during fights between the stallions or because of being kept in a herd.

What we expect from you:

  • treat other owners, us and the horses with respect

  • procure a liability insurance for horses

  • talk with us when problems come up


Colts up to an age of 3 years: € 250,--/month

Young stallions 3 years and older: € 280,--/month

Training for stallion performance test: € 500,--/month

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